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The Story of the Hammer Brothers

     My name is Constance Motter, I am the last remaining relative of the hammer brother's. This is the story of how The Hammer Brother's Circus came to life or shall I say death...you decide. My grandparents were blessed with twin boys, Alistar and Ezekiel, both named after their grandfathers. They raised them to work hard and to love one another but, as they reached their teens they began to notice a dark side. They became quiet and sneaky. Their father would often find them off torturing animals or hiding the evidence of a recent kill.

     Over the years with little help from his sons, the farm began to suffer. The father often over fertilized and used too many chemicals in an effort to try to grow more  profitable crops with little or no success. The bills could not be paid and the bank began  threatening  foreclosure.  One day, while in town, he saw a poster for a traveling circus. He decided to offer his cornfield in a last stitch effort to pay the bank and save the farm.

     The circus arrived and much to his surprise, the boys were eager to help. Several seasons went by and he quickly realized the circus was feeding their sons thirst for darkness. Their father confronted the boys and the ringmaster. He told them the  animals were not the only death he suspected. The ringmaster quickly fired the boys and they were devastated.  They left in a fit of rage and returned weilding hammers. They killed their father and the ringmaster that night and nothing has been the same since.

     Alister and Ezekiel continued to travel with the circus and were never apprehended for their crime. This year they have returned home to the cornfields of Waynesfield and brought their freakish terrors with them. The brother's have poisoned the circus help with farm chemicals and the entire property is now over ran with zombie clowns.​ The unimaginable has occurred, changing life on our farm, forever. The zombie infestation spread rapidly. The undead now populate the farm with an undying hunger for human flesh.  While mindless and concerned only with consumption, these creatures are clever and diligent in their pursuits. Your mission is to destroy all zombies and save the few remaining humans that might aid in your fight. Just remember that the Hammer Brothers can see you through the crows eyes.

Join our fight on the wagons to try to save the unknowing citizens of our beloved hometown or at the very least be brave enough to enter the corn and see for yourself what lurks beyond the circus lights.

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